The current METEOR is the third ship under that name, it was brought into service 1986. The owner of the ship is the Federal Republic of Germany, it is being operated by the German Scientific Research Company (DFG) and managed by the shipping company F. Laisz. The Meteor has room for 28 scientists and 32 members of the crew, it is multifunctional and multi-purposed for use in oceanography, maritime biology, ocean chemistry, ecology and other contexts.

The ship carries a wide range of equipment for scientific physical, meteorological, chemical and biological research. In latter years the ship was in operation mainly in the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea, West-Indian Ocean and the Caribbean. It is certified according to GL + 100 A5 E2 + MC Aut.


I the year 2005 during a scientific research venture along the South American Coastline the laboratories, inclusive the flooring, were completely renewed, respectively repaired. During these comprehensive measures, our main tasks were the managing of constructions and coordinating the supervising of the suppliers - also on site.